6/29/07 One day after Einstein became 6 months old.



Another taken the 29th of June.



4th of July 2007 and it was over 103 degrees outside. Einstein was carrying on about wanting to go swimming in his pool and with a bit of time on my hands I pulled it out for him. Looks like I need a new pool. Ha-ha...



Yea, I definitely need a new pool. Ya think??



7/17/07 And with the temperature over 3,000 degrees outside Einstein preferred the house.



Because He was so embarrassed by such a small pool Einstein preferred to stay cool indoors.



Sit Einstein, sit. Good boy!!



7/24/07 C'mon now, just look at that frickin tail!!



Mike and Laverne stopped by for a little while, but I think it was only to torment poor Einstein.



Yea I was right, it was only to torment Einstein!! Ha-ha...



Here's Einstein waiting inside the gate. Stay Einstein, stay!!



Just another boring day, eh Einstein?






Middle of August (8/10/07) and Einstein's helping me install the sprinklers. Ha-ha... I don't know what his fascination is with holes but he'll pick up anything from a rock to a stick then drop it in any hole he can find. One of his favorite things to do while in the house is to take a tennis ball and drop it down the basement stairs. He'll then go down, get it, come up and do it all over again. Sometimes I think he's nuts. Ha-ha...