Einstein at 12 weeks old (3/26/07). Have I mentioned his love for the camera?? Ha-ha...



Also at 12 weeks.



14 weeks old 4/10/07



Getting comfortable on the carpet.



"Alright, Mr. Demille, I'm ready for my close-up"



That's right, just 15 weeks old and hangin out with the fellas.



Sorry, the back seat's mine, all mine!!



I love this picture. Taken on 4/21/07 Einstein's 16 weeks old and while the growth of the ears has slowed down the rest of him sure hasn't.



Another picture at 16 weeks old and already over 50 pounds!!



Hanging out with Abby just looking for critters!!



Einstein turned 4 months old today (4/28/07). Because he loves the cold and it's been so warm lately we went to town and I bought him an ice cream cone and yes, he loved it. Who says I'm spoiling my dog?? Ha-ha..

The next day Einstein started his "Canine Good Citizen" classes and while I might be a bit biased (ya think) I know he did very well. Because the first class covered only the basics (Come, sit, stay etc.) and Einstein already knew those commands I was able to focus on simple things that I was doing wrong. My family and I have been socializing Einstein with everyone and anyone we can so he will continue to develop a friendly likable attitude. These classes will not only improve his understanding of many additional commands but will continue to socialize him which is extremely important.



After another obedience class (5/05/07) we walked around the park a bit.



Pardon me for bragging, again but, is he a great looking GSD or what??



Taken (5/18/07) ten days before turning 5 months old.



Another 10 days short of 5 months old.



This was taken 6/18/07 after Einstein figured out how to open the shower door while I was in there. Since he made it inside, and loving water as he does, I thought it only right to give him a shower. While he didn't care for it at first it didn't take long before he started playing around and definitely enjoying it. Now the problem is trying to keep him out when I'm trying to shower.



After the shower Einstein ran around the house like an idiot. Seems after my poor attempt to dry him off, and him shaking a few hundred times throughout the house, he decided to lye down for about a minute. Then he got up and repeated the process. I guess he read the bottle where it said "shampoo, rinse and repeat".



Outside on a warm summer morning.



6/18/07 One week before turning 6 months old.