Around the 5th of January, 2007 at 1 week old. Einstein's the brown one at the top.



Two weeks old and yea, he's already up to no good. (2nd from left)




At 4 weeks old (1/26/07) and already the biggest, of course!!



6 weeks old (2/10/07) and already big as a horse.



8 weeks old (2/23/07). This was just after Einstein arrived in California at the Orange County Airport and was being comforted by my good friends Mike and Laverne.



Another picture taken just after Einstein arrived from the SableRock kennels. Sitting on Laverne's lap for only an hour or so, prying him from her was not an easy task when Einstein and I needed to leave that evening.



Later that evening Einstein and I drove (actually I drove while he slept) out to our new home in Parowan Utah. With a couple acres for him to run around on, and plenty of deer and turkeys to chase, he had plenty to do. In this picture Einstein's sitting on the front porch for the first time. While he's destined to be an "inside the house dog" the flooring had yet to be completed so we spent the meantime at my sister's place. With a dozen horses, two dogs, cats, a couple kids, birds and a few other familiar life forms he had plenty of things to do to keep himself busy.



Is this a face only a mother could love or what? At 9 weeks (3/01/07) he's already such a ham.



Just playing with Abby, his momma figure.



Another photo at 9 weeks old. Don't ya love those ears?



At 10 weeks old Einstein found a great love, Bully Sticks!!



At only 2/3rd her height, Einstein found a great friend when he met my Sister's black lab, Mindy.



After a hard day hanging with the fellas Einstein could be found hiding out by the hay. Does he look guilty of something or what?



Einstein, Look out behind you!!



At 11 weeks old he was already impressive. I loved it when he would check something out and strike this pose. Even at this age I think he was just showing off for the camera.



I love the way a shepherd's ears stand on their own about this age. It was hilarious to see his ears spring up when he would hear something. I would intentionally make noises just to watch his ears pop up like this. Hope he didn't mind. Ha-ha..



I couldn't believe how much Einstein loved the snow. This was behind my house and the last bit of snow in the area. Every time he went outside he'd do a bee-line for whatever snow was left. I took this shot around 3/22/07 when Einstein was just shy of 11 weeks old.