It's the beginning of November and Einstein sits patiently watching the deer and turkeys outside. At just over 10 months old he's developed so many great traits and patience is one of his best.






Are you, talking to me??



11/24/07 Just one week shy of being 11 months old.



I've been teaching Einstein many new tricks. Here he is balancing on one leg. Not too shabby, eh?



In this picture Einstein was actually singing a Led Zeppelin song, stairway to heaven I think.



Einstein's favorite chew-toy is actually a section of PVC pipe. He goes nuts when it gets thrown around. I sure pity the fool that breaks into my house and messes with his PVC. Ha-ha...



Einstein loves the snow. At least, I hope that's snow!!



First week of December and Einstein's three weeks from his first birthday.



Yea, another picture playing in the snow. And you thought the snow pictures were over with. Ha-ha...



Yea, Einstein actually plays a pretty mean game of soccer. Only problem is the coach told Einstein to keep his eyes on the ball and as you can tell he's oblivious to everything else.



For Einstein's birthday I bought him an invisible bike. He's gotten pretty good riding it but occasionally still has issues with his balance. Ha-ha...



Middle of December (12/16/07) and another 10 days till his first birthday. Yahoo...



This is December, where's all the snow??



Yes, yes look deep into my eyes...



I know there was a tennis ball around here somewhere.




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